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All of the books on the GG ebooks site are basically web pages. This allows for the book pages to adjust to the requirements of the user, removing supplementary content if the student is taking the core content only. In addition, mistakes or additional features can be rectified or added as required. Using the feedback button, schools and individual users can quickly contribute to the improvement of the book and correction of errors.


GG ebooks

The GG ebooks site is short for 'Grade Gorilla ebooks', run by Grade Gorilla , based in Hong Kong. The Grade Gorilla site ( has been in existence since 2008. Peaking at over 2 million hits per month it has established itself as the top GCSE and iGCSE physics questions site worldwide. This new e-book 'sister' site is designed to run in parallel with the questions on the Grade Gorilla site.



Costs have been kept to a minimum on this publication by using free images where possible. Thanks to:

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The Silverback

The Silverback is a practising teacher, with 30 years of experience teaching Physics in UK and International schools across Asia, currently working in Hong Kong. As well as writing this book, he is also a published Author having written a large section of the Kognity Cambridge iGCSE Physics Materials.
Grade Gorilla and The Silverback work with a small international crack team of subject specialist teachers, business advisors, IT specialists and design wizards.
Many thanks to all those who contributed in some small way to ensuring this book stays up-to-date, incuding the many schools that provide valuable feeback on the site to improve the content.

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