Student data: (GDPR protected)

Non-registered students:
Data is only collected through quizzes done via links on www.gradegorilla.com. This includes only names submitted and school name, along with scores in relevant tests. No e-mail addresses or other personal information is collected or stored, unless students register with the site.

For registered students:
The site collects names, schools, e-mails and encrypted passwords. In either case, none of the student data is ever passed to third parties and is stored in servers that conform to GDPR regulations. We never process special category data, and cookies used on site are only for google analytics, (tracking access to the site) and no cookie data is stored on the site.
Teachers with school passwords may access their schools’ data from the site.

Teacher data: (GDPR protected)

This includes names, schools and e-mail addresses, and along with this any school data that has been entered by the school staff members within the teachers’ area of the site. People with the password may access this data and edit it. Your personal data will not be passed to any third parties under any circumstances.

We may use teacher e-mails to provide you with information about new functions of the site or changes to the syllabi relevant to users of the site.

You can contact gradegorilla.com by email to info@gradegorilla.com.