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4 reasons to choose our ebooks

Our site has many advantages over similar ebook providers:

1. Low cost. A website based book does not need constant maintenance, so why should schools pay the same price as a printed textbook? Teachers are used to maintain the site content, not publishers. Images and artwork have been sourced from free libraries to keep costs down.

Why settle for PDF textbooks when you can have interactive pages online?

(Julio Miguel A Enriquez and Monica Muñoz
-Wiki Learning Tec de Monterrey. CC BY-SA 4.0)

2. No class lists needed. Some of our competitors such as Kognity and Educake require class lists from schools. This makes registration difficult and time consuming. Why not get students to identify the class they are in? That takes care of class switches. Teachers simply login to gradegorilla.com* and edit the school information so that classes and teachers are indicated on questions in the book. That's it!

3. No lists of student emails needed. We simply identify students from your school from the ending of their school e-mail address.

4 Access to all levels. With a school site licence, all students at your school get unlimited access to all book types on the site. This means that it is not an issue if students switch from - for example - triple science to double science, they simply click on the alternative book.


Chapter 2 has free access in the iGCSE Physics books - try it out here!

Only 119 UK pounds
A full site licence for the price of 5 textbooks!


*If you are interested how it works, this textbook is intended to be a companion to questions on www.gradegorilla.com - a free revision questions site, popular and well established. Schools manage class lists and teacher names on www.gradegorilla.com.
The textbooks are on this site - GGebooks.com, and this needs a paid account. If you already have a gradegorilla account, then this is easy!
Eitherway, Just click the sign up button...